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Logistics & Information

Delivery and Schedule

We need to receive the order 3days before the shipment (Sat, Sun and Public holiday excluded) upon receiving 100% advance payment and airline’s confirmation. We might request to have the order 1-2weeks in advance for certain fishes.

Stock List

Tropical fish offer list will be sent to you by email on every Tuesday, we will only send the marine and plant stock list upon your request.

Price & Size

Prices are quoted on FOB basis only, and the fish size is measured from Head to Tail.


We provide the order sheet format for our customer in excel file, and it is advisable to send us the order with substitute items in order to fill up the empty space. We are dealing with livestock, some fishes may still be cancelled on the shipment day if they are found not to meet the size and health, and your kindly understanding is much appreciated. The minimum order is 1/8bag per items, you are encourage to order in fraction (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8) so we could optimize the packing density for you.


We can prepare the following certificate and endorsements upon your request:
  1. Health Certificates for fishes
  2. Phytosanitary Certificates for plants
  3. Certificate of Origin for fishes & plants
  4. AWB
  5. Sales Invoice
  6. Other documents as required

Claims & Compensation

Normal DOA items will be compensated and we must be informed within 24hours of you receiving shipment, in cases where there is high mortality (>10%) and anomalies are observed, the respective airline must be notified and documented, e.g. if on arrival, temperature of water is extremely cold (<16degree Celsius) or boxes arrived crushed and results in leakages (due to mishandling), in such cases notice to us must be immediate in order to follow up on the possible causes and subsequent claims. If there is any missing carton or documents, the airline and authority concern must be informed immediately by filing a claim/complaint as appropriate. For transshipping orders please advise if there are suborders that requires a much longer period before arrival to final destination where water  changes and reoxygenation will be performed. In these cases we will make adjustments in the packing density to achieve the optimal results on arrival.