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Qian Hu's history can be traced back to the early days of the Company's pioneers, two brothers who were in the pig farming business - Mr Yap Tik Huay, the father of the Group's Executive Chairman Kenny Yap, and his brother Yap Hey Cha.

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In 1985, their pig farm was eradicated due to the Government's move to stem pollution and free up more land for residential development. At that point in time, Tik Huay's three sons, Yap Peng Heng, Yap Hock Huat and Yap Kim Choon joined the family business. They converted the old pig pens into concrete ponds and started breeding guppies for the local fish exporters. However, in 1989, during a heavy thunderstorm, their entire stock of guppies was washed away.

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Having to start all over again, and with a new name "Qian Hu" - which means a thousand lakes in Chinese, Kenny and two of his cousins, Alvin and Andy, were more than ever determined to put their collective efforts towards rebuilding Qian Hu.
Little did they realise, however, that they were in for another setback. After their failure in rearing guppies, they went on to farm high-fin loaches despite knowing very little about this particular variety of fish. In one fell swoop, their entire stock of 4,000 loaches died. They lost almost everything, except for their resolve, mettle and drive to succeed. Since then, however, they learnt from this lesson, realising their mistake of not diversifying risks, and not knowing enough about their products. In fact, this lesson was so valuable to them that the high-fin loach became Qian Hu's mascot to serve as a daily reminder of where they were, and where they never wanted to be again.

In 1990, Qian Hu expanded into the local wholesale distribution business, and increased its range of ornamental fish to include Discus, Chichlid, Tetras, Gourami and etc.

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